Headless Commerce

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Headless Commerce Explained:

Headless Commerce is an eCommerce model that de-couples a platform’s frontend from the backend. In essence, it separates the presentation layer from the platform’s underlying technology.

Unlike traditional eCommerce, in which the front end must communicate with the back end in order to retrieve information, the headless eCommerce approach sees the front end use an API (application programming interface) to retrieve the information requested by the end user. This enables companies to completely change the way they present content, products, and how the overall customer shopping experience can be managed.

Headless is not a new concept, but it’s only in recent years that the larger eCommerce ecosystem has embraced the model.

Headless for an Enhanced CX

Today’s “channel-agnostic” shopper expects a frictionless customer experience; one that allows them to interact and purchase at any touchpoint, be it online or offline in a store, and have a seamless experience regardless. The heightened expectations at all stages of the customer journey means brands must deliver flawless on-brand  interactions in order to make the shopping experience, and more importantly completing the transaction, as smooth and effortless as possible. Online shoppers have no tolerance for inconsistent or fragmented customer journeys when interacting with the Brands and products they want to buy online.

Getting Personal

Now, with the rise of mobility, coupled with the rise in expectations of today’s shopper, Brands must make the most of the fact that they are now part of their customers’ personal channels, therefore they must engage with them on a more personal level.

Time is Money

Online shoppers no longer have the patience or the tolerance for lengthy purchase paths or delayed shipping times. Initially, online shopping saw shoppers spending a lot of money on shipping fees and waiting days or weeks to receive their orders. However, with the advent of Amazon and their focus on fast delivery, everything has changed.

Advances in technology continue to shorten a shopper’s expectation of the steps in the customer journey between searching, reviewing, buying and receiving their desired product. The smart, fast and convenient nature of interactions they now demand means that time, sometimes even more so than money, is now what people value these days.

With more traditional eCommerce platforms, Brands are constrained to the front-end design and locked into the processes of the monolithic solutions. As Headless eCommerce platforms don’t control the front-end design this enables brands to create and control the end user experience allowing them to be more flexible and agile.

Why lose your head?

 It’s important for Brands, when choosing an eCommerce platform, to really understand what it can and will deliver “under the hood”. Companies need to focus not just on the digital front end but also the backend technology required to support an end to end customer journey that drives conversions.  It’s important for brands to understand that headless commerce is not just the shopping cart, it’s much more.

Brands need to have the technology to deliver both experience driven commerce underpinned by effective analytics to monitor sales and competitor performance as well as impact behavioural analytics. Predictive technologies are also key in understanding customer sentiment.


Luzern’s Headless Commerce Solution

Luzern has built a smart algorithmic platform to:

  • Drive conversions, Boost Online Sales, Sustain Profitability
  • Position Against & Beat Competitors
  • Actively Manage your Customers’ buying experience


Luzern’s algorithmic intelligence goes one step beyond just sharing insights on a dashboard. With automated functionality, Brands can pro-actively manage sales margins, position against competitors, and drive conversions, in real time. The smart decisioning automatically takes action based on the data driven insights.

Luzern’s machine learning capabilities enable you to make fast decisions, but more importantly, gives the capability to take immediate action on these insights. Using our proprietary algorithms, but specific to your brand and buyer behaviours, the platform enables you to sell not just more, but smarter. Our turnkey solution means a one-time connection to add channels, countries, Amazon Markets or products as required with no additional costly integrations required by you.

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