Four Must Have Strategies for a Successful Online Store

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With the rise in online shopping set to continue, it’s vital for Brands to evolve eCommerce strategies and upscale their digital storefronts, or risk being left behind.

Brands need beautiful yet functional webstores to reach and engage existing buyers, entice new buyers, and grow customer conversion.

Here are 4 must have strategies for success:


  1. Constantly Deliver a Great Buyer Experience

  2. Reward Loyalty & Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  3. Ensure Fast and Frictionless Delivery from The Warehouse to Their House

  4. Carefully Consider Underlying Technology


  1. Constantly Deliver a Great Buyer Experience

Delivering a great buyer experience means constantly looking at was to improve the end to end CX of shopping for your products. Today’s customers want an experience that is fast and that makes it easy for them to purchase what they want, when they want, and how they want.  Here are some top tips to meet the expectations of today’s always on digital shoppers:

  • Serve targeted product offerings with relevant content, personalized discounts and promotions, creating a personal customer journey for your most valued customers.
  • Create personalised and exclusive offers
  • Speak directly to your customers with targeted emails with exclusive promotions. You can educate, up-sell and cross-sell with relevant and timely offers and promotions.

Now, more than ever Brands need to ensure their content is targeted.  Consumers have little patience for content that they deem irrelevant. Now that Brands have a place literally in the hand of their customers, they must engage with customers with rich content that is on a more personal level.

  1. Reward Loyalty & Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Repeat business is more likely to happen if you recognise and reward loyal customers.

To ensure customers, regardless of where they are shopping from, will want to return to your store you need to deliver an experience that goes beyond just front end design.  It’s important to implement solutions that reactive one-time buyers and encourage repeat purchases. Key strategies to retain existing customers & reactivate previous customers include:

  • Advanced Customer & Buyer Behaviour Data Analysis – Get to know your customers
  • Targeted Performance marketing & email marketing services – Communicate effectively & personally
  • Loyalty and post-acquisition solutions – Reward your most valued buyers
  • Solutions to reduce cart-abandonment rate – Avoid leaks in your buyer journey funnel

Luzern works with Brands across the Globe with solutions for Webstores that drive conversions and boost loyalty.  Lucrative bottom of the funnel marketing strategies include:

Digital Coupons:

Shoppers often feel better about entering a code rather than receiving a blanket deal available to everyone. In today’s always-on, digital world, shoppers are open to preloading coupons on their device and searching for deals at checkout.

A great way to reward your customers is with unique or one-time-use codes that drive repeat business and support ongoing brand loyalty.

Reduce Cart Abandonment:

You can reduce lost sales with a proven approach to cart abandonment.  the power of digital channels can be harnessed to analyse and investigate why your buyer may not be reaching their desired goal.

A proven strategy includes methods to deliver reminders, promo offers and time based prompts to ensure no sale is left behind. In many cases, it won’t be clear why a customer abandoned their online shopping cart, or why they dropped out of the sales funnel at a particular stage.

Focus on key sources of leakage as a starting point:

General industry consensus suggests that the top reason for cart abandonment is unexpectedly high shipping costs.

Buyers with lower value orders are more likely to abandon their carts if shipping is high: the lower the order value the higher the shipping fee can seem in comparison. Taking this into account, brands should take steps to be clear about the full price (including shipping and any other fees) as early as possible in the buying process.

Tracking can offer brands a benchmark. Using this benchmark figure as a starting point brands can experiment with A/B or split testing, that is making tweaks and monitoring the effects of those changes. While it’s not always possible to reduce shipping fees, brands can reduce the burden on customers who make lower value purchases.

  • Improve CX of shopping for your products
  • Create Personalised Offers
  • Reward Loyalty

With Luzern’s advanced digital promotion engine you can keep your Brand top of mind and stay connected to your customer base whilst improving retention, referrals and reactivations.

  1. Fast and Frictionless Delivery from The Warehouse to Their House

It goes without saying that your buyers want quick and flawless delivery from the warehouse to their house. Slow or fragmented experiences negatively impact the shoppers overall buying experience which ultimately impacts your Brand perception, eroding trust, satisfaction

and Brand loyalty.

Operational Resilience: You need operational resilience to ensure business continuity in extreme circumstances. Covid19 pandemic is the case in hand.  Brands need to protect and prepare for any future unforeseen crisis or natural disaster. A clear trend is the move away from traditional warehouse fulfilment models and re-modelling supply chains to meet customer demand with third-party logistics and the use of drop-shipping.  Brands faced with fluctuating demand are increasingly turning to micro-fulfilment and meeting demand with decentralised distribution models.

The risk associated with unpredictability can be mitigated by using these point-to-point shipping solutions.

Luzern can ensure that out of Stock items can still be made available to your buyers. This gives more control to a Brand when it comes to inventory levels and delivery times.  In the Hybrid Model, you have the option to distribute products via Luzern’s seller account, and the products you offer via Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) do not have to be stored by Amazon.

This Fulfilment model enables you to build up listings and history, growing sales and margin across 3P as well as protecting any existing direct relationship with customers, avoiding channel conflict or any “race to the bottom” pricing battles.

Up & running in 48 hours : If you have stock in your own warehouse or even at other location you can still meet the demand from your customers by using FBM.  Luzern can integrate directly to fulfil orders. When a customer places an order it can be shipped directly to them.

We take the complexity out, implementing the whole process for you. Luzern integrates easily (XML, CSV/ FTP or even EDI) with in house systems (CRM, ERP) and warehousing systems, making the process fast to get up and running and easy to manage.

By using Luzern and the FBM/ Dropship model, brands have more control over inventory and ultimately can keep the business moving, even in uncertain times. Luzern, as your 3rd party provider, can assist with warehousing, order processing and delivery, ensuring supply, in stock and ready for sale on Amazon.

  1. Carefully Consider Underlying Technology

It’s important for Brands, when choosing an eCommerce platform, to really understand what it can and will deliver “under the hood”. Companies need to focus not just on the digital front end but also the backend technology required to support an end to end customer journey that drives conversions.  It’s important for brands to understand that headless commerce is not just the shopping cart, it’s much more.

Brands need to have the technology to deliver both experience driven commerce underpinned by effective analytics to monitor sales and competitor performance as well as impact behavioural analytics. Predictive technologies are also key in understanding customer sentiment.

A Digital Commerce platform, like Luzern, can help you understand who your customers are, and how they like to shop. You can use this shopper and customer behaviour data to understand their digital footprint and what that means for your Brand and selling strategy.

Luzern can help you understand who your customers are, and how they like to shop. You can use this shopper and customer behaviour data to understand their digital footprint and what that means for your Brand and selling strategy. We don’t just share this data, we help you take immediate action from these insights.

With Luzern’s “Insight-to-Action” platform, you can take control of how your Brand performs. Luzern’s intelligent data analytics enable you to make fast decisions and take immediate action.

Luzern can help!

Luzern can help you expertly orchestrate the right eCommerce strategy to match your business goals and drive conversions.  The Luzern platform combined with our team of Digital and eCommerce experts can create an online shopping experience that is personalised for every shopper. With robust and scalable, direct to consumer (D2C) online stores that showcase your brand and reach new buyers.

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