Creating Amazon Content & Offernings that your customers love

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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show customers that you know and care about them with tailored promotions and offers that your customers Love.

The heart of the matter is that optimizing your offerings to present your products effectively will not only improve the visibility of your products on Amazon and drive sales, it improves the overall customer experience of your Brand.

Loyalty is key

Tailored promotions and offers based on customer preferences and buying behaviours drive repeat purchases and build brand loyalty. It’s important that Brands understand their buyers, what types of content is relevant and resonates with them and how they compare and choose products in your category.

If you know your customers and how they like to shop, you can create online shopping experiences that keep you top of mind and connected to your customers. Serving targeted product offerings with relevant content, discounts and promotions, creates a personal customer journey for your most valued customers.

Especially for you…

Using customer data to understand customer preferences like how frequently they buy and how many can help you create offerings that keep them coming back for more.  Creating bundled offerings with items that complement each other is an innovative way to entice buyers and drive conversions. Happy customers also leave positive reviews; the added social proof boosts brand perception and influences and attracts new buyers.

Work on your brand image – How you appear means a lot

Compelling product descriptions, clear feature bullets and strong imagery with clear product photos improve the shopping experience for the customer and increases the likelihood that they’ll buy from you, and keep buying from you. An optimized listing should also have a positive effect on your organic search results.

Expert help is on hand!

Luzern has a dedicated team of Amazon Experts that will conduct a comprehensive product and keyword research analyses as well as a full competitor landscape analysis. We can help you deliver persuasive sales copy and research and apply effective style keywords, backend keywords, and Amazon platinum keywords to ensure the most relevant search terms to optimize your listing in Amazon search results. Luzern’s Amazon Listing Optimization Services deliver effective product listings that entice shoppers and more importantly, convert to sales.

Where your product ranks is hugely important to ensure its easily visible on Amazon is irrelevant unless those shoppers are actually converting into buyers!

Our team deliver effective campaigns that are proven to improve conversions. From list optimisation, beating the competition or boosting under-performing campaigns, we’ll work with you to ensure you achieve the best results.

By: Orla Power, Marketing Director, Luzern


About Luzern

Luzern is a leading eCommerce platform and related services provider.
We are experts in delivering innovative strategies for Amazon Marketplaces and for Direct to Consumer webstores. With the Luzern platform, brands receive real time alerts and triggers enabling them to actively manage and control sales margins, position against competitors, and drive conversions across multiple channels.

Luzern is proven to dramatically grow online revenues for brands across the globe and is trusted by Philips, Fossil, JDE coffee, Petsafe, Gatorade and Nestle.


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